SDN Training

SDN is moving faster than previous networking advancements. Some teams have already deployed and are monitoring their environments, while others are just starting to ask about SDN and how it will help overcome current networking and service pains. SDN Essentials Education Services provides several SDN vendor agnostic classes that can increase the knowledge level of any team and help mitigate the risks involved in advancing to new technologies. Due to our partnerships with SDN big name companies, we also offer Vendor Specific sessions.

Class Selections – Click on Class for more detailed description and Dates/Locations given:

SDN Overview:

The SDN overview classes are a 1 day class with 75% lecture and 25% lab that gives a background on SDN architecture, definitions, and where the industry is heading. This class has been designed to serve a variety of audiences from sales, project managers and network engineers.

SDN Foundations:

The SDN Foundation class is a 3-day class with 50% lecture and 50% lab that covers the most recent developments in the SDN arena. The added value of this offering is that it will showcase several vendor solutions in the practical component of the class

SDN for Network Engineers:

The SDN for Network Engineers class is a 2-day class with 50% lecture and 50% lab that gives a background on SDN architecture, definitions, use cases, where the industry is heading and migration strategies. This class has been designed to provide a broad and hands-on experience for network engineers requiring SDN knowledge. The Lab uses a variety of controllers including Floodlight, Open Daylight and commercial controllers.
Pre-requisites: Students should have a basic understanding of common virtualization tools such as Virtualbox or VMWare Fusion and have a laptop with permissions to modify BIOS to permit virtualization and install VMs.  A basic understanding of routing and switching is required.

SDN Implementation Class

This 2 day course is targeted at network engineers that are or will be responsible for implementing their given SDN solution and would like to get more hands-on experience building some SDN applications, controllers and switches

Module 1: Introduction to SDN Technologies
Module 2: OpenFlow Tutorial
Module 3: Switches and Controllers
Module 4: Use Cases
Module 5: Developing a SDN ASIC
Module 6: SDN Device Implementation
Module 7: SDN Controller Implementation
Module 8: Developing a SDN Management Application



SDN Overview Class Outline

Module 1: Introduction to SDN Technologies

  • SDN history
  • SDN definition(s)
  • Why SDN (Technical and Business Drivers
  • SDN Related Technologies (NFV, Openstack and overlays)

Lab 1: Setting up your network with mininet

Module 2: OpenFlow Tutorial

  • SDN Controller Overview and Anatomy
  • OpenFlow Overview
  • OpenFlow Basics

Lab 2: Using Floodlight and Avior

Module 3: SDN Survey

SDN Camps:

  • Open SDN
  • SDN via API’s
  • SDN via Overlays
  • Commercial Controllers Survey
  • SDN Evolution
  • SDN Vendors
  • SDN Start-upsSDN Industry

Lab 3: Using ovs-ofctl, REST APIs and Wireshark

Module 4: Use Cases

  • Use Cases in the Data Center
  • Use Cases in the WAN
  • Use Cases in the Campus
  • Use Cases in Security

Module 5: Case Studies

  • Google WAN Case Study
  • NTT Inter-Data Center Case Study

Module 6: Futures

  • Future Research on SDN