Datavision Selected to Integrate IP and Openstack Cloud Orchestration System for Major Asia-Pac Telecom Provider


Automate The Delivery Of Your Network Services

As a key consulting and systems integration partner to our clients, Datavision has played an integral part implementation in the architecting, design and implementation of mission critical Network Orchestration systems with OpenStack and SDN. We have created YANG service models and integrated OpenStack Cloud deployments to form a combined IP/Cloud infrastructure that can be addressed through API’s to our client’s BSS/OSS systems.

Key to this solution are two of our partners’ products: Cisco NSO (formerly Tail-f)) and CPLANE NETWORKS Dynamic Virtual Networks – Data Center (DVNd) with Multi Site Manager (MSM) for OpenStack.

CPLANE’s DVNd product provides a scalable solution for OpenStack SDN Networking where high-performance virtual machine communication, operational ease of use, service assurance, and seamless integration across multi-site and worldwide OpenStack deployments are required.

CPLANE’s Multi-Site Manager for OpenStack consolidates multiple requests from a customer service portal PCCW Global’s customer portal and OSS/BSS environments while simultaneously orchestrating OpenStack cloud provisioning across multiple sites. MSM then creates a single cloud image by automatically provisioning an Overlay Gateway Router at each site to provide secure connectivity across the wide area network.

The Cisco NSO system allows automatic provisioning of L3 MPLS VPNs and with the CPLANE product, terminates those links to specific VM’s spun up in an OpenStack environment. One of the key technologies leveraged enable the solution is our expertise in Service and Device modeling through YANG/Netconf.

The Datavision solution consists of a Network Orchestration system, and a Data Center or Cloud Orchestration system, accessible via APIs from an engineering portal or customer service portal.
IP-Cloud Orchestration System

The systems are integrated on the Northbound side through a Portal that is accessible by customers (or engineering) for on-demand provisioning network and data center resources. On the Southbound side, the Network Orchestration system communicates directly to LAN and WAN resources for configuration.

The Data Center/Cloud Orchestration system has the ability to call up compute and storage resources on demand. The combination of the two, with an ability to terminate VPN tunnels across a network, is able to not only connect company-to-company sites, but also connect company data center private cloud infrastructure to AWS, Azure, etc. and be able to manage connectivity across all data centers and the resources utilized by all applications.

1. Network Orchestration Features:
• View Service and Service Parameters: View available services and associated service parameters relative to an end user/group. This may also include viewing network device configurations implementing the service.
• Modify Service Parameters such as Bandwidth, QoS, etc. associated with an end user’s service.

2. Data Center/Cloud Orchestration Features:
• Deploy any number of Virtual Machines.
• Create Virtual Networks: Create a virtual network utilizing the deployed VNFs (CPLANE NETWORKS Overlay Gateway Router) with network connectivity to deployed VMs.
• Connect Virtual Network to Transport Network: Connect the virtual LAN network to the physical transport network (e.g., MPLS L3 VPN service)
• Connect private cloud to AWS or Azure, etc.

Upcoming extensions to the solution will include the ability to spin up NFV “products” on demand, in a managed services environment.

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