Network Security Services

From viruses to phishing, trojans and intrusions, the evolution and complexity of threats is always a constant concern. Maintaining strong defenses through proactive IT risk management and security strategies that minimize downtime, information loss and damage to corporate systems is crucial to protect your business network. Our Datavision security experts can analyze the security of your network infrastructure, identify current vulnerabilities and provide software configuration recommendations to better secure your network from common vulnerabilities. Being proactive about security will give you the confidence to know that your network infrastructure is providing the appropriate robust security to face these threats and meet your business requirements.

Experts no longer view security as a single product or solution, but rather as an in-depth system that must be integrated throughout the network. The best way to manage network security risk is through a systematic, architectural approach that addresses the entire network lifecycle and is built upon a standards-based infrastructure. Your organization can reduce the likelihood of severe service disruptions or compromised business assets and applications through continuous evaluation and strengthening of network security.

Whether your focus is on rolling out a new security solution, fine-tuning the existing security infrastructure or creating enterprise-wide security architecture, our security experts can guide your decisions to better protect your business. Datavision’s security experts can evaluate your solution design, security policy implementations and critical device configurations to make recommendations that will help you optimize your security infrastructure cost-effectively. This quality level of support assists your organization in prioritizing areas of improvement that will reduce and eliminate security risk when making these essential changes to your infrastructure.

Whether you’re looking for perimeter-based managed security services for firewalls, VPNs, IDS’ and IPS’, Internet-based security testing, comprehensive risk assessments or general security professional services, we have the experienced professionals to meet your security solutions. With years of expertise in managed security services, security testing and compliance, we can help your professionals protect your network, assets and critical information or totally handle all your security needs on a continuing basis.

Our Network Security Services will enable you to:

  • Implement cost-effective and comprehensive perimeter security solutions
  • Fulfill your security testing management needs and requirements
  • Increase consistencies and efficiencies
  • Save time and money
  • Address regulatory compliance issues
  • Augment the skills of your IT staff with ongoing advice and guidance
  • Develop near- or long-term security solution plans to improve your security defenses and deploy new solutions
  • Keep you up-to-date on the security posture of your network through analysis of ongoing vulnerability assessments and change support updates
  • Improve the effectiveness of security decision-making through an ongoing relationship with security experts familiar with your network environment

Your organization can work with our security experts to:

  • Create a trusted, resilient security infrastructure
  • Optimize your network security to evolve as your business changes
  • Invest strategically in system-level solutions

Edge Security Assessment

  • Discovery to identify systems and services visible to the Internet
  • Penetration testing to confirm the presence of vulnerabilities
  • Detailed analysis to identify critical vulnerabilities
  • Prioritized list of discovered risks with recommended actions
  • Edge security posture assessment analysis documentation
  • Impact analysis of proposed solution deployment
  • Security technology readiness assessment report

Security Technology Planning Support

  • Ongoing support for strategic planning and roadmap development
  • Technology migration planning
  • Analysis and recommendations for network security decision-making

Security Architecture Assessment (Internal and Edge)

  • Security architecture workshop
  • Security architecture analysis
  • Gap analysis with recommendations
  • Security architecture assessment analysis and documentation

Security Design Support

  • Security design and discovery workshop
  • Security design review including gap analysis and recommendations
  • Detailed security design report

Security Performance Tuning

  • Security device discovery
  • Analysis of baseline configuration template
  • Device configuration analysis, including tuning requirements
  • Iterative security performance tuning
  • Security performance tuning analysis and documentation

Security Change Support

  • Implementation plan review
  • Test plan review
  • Rollback plan review
  • Remote engineering support
  • Scheduled security system change support
  • Unscheduled security system change support

Security Knowledge Transfer and Mentoring

  • Knowledge transfer evaluation workshop
  • Knowledge transfer requirements documentation
  • Instructor-led and remote knowledge transfer sessions
  • Ongoing conference calls and email communication