Software-Defined Data Center

Datavision’s Background & Approach

Datavision’s approach to the SDN-centric data center increases scalability, functionality and ease of provisioning while lowering CapEx and OpEx, providing a standards-based network-as-a-service enabling:

  • Each element to have the same configuration, management and control interface
  • Automated configuration, management and control of the network
  • One touchpoint SDN Controller versus thousands of touchpoints (Network Elements)
  • Easier scalability and management
  • Network and computer infrastructures that are programmable to meet application needs in real time
  • Open standards based on elements of programmable networks

Networks contain an increasing variety of proprietary hardware appliances. Launching new network services often requires yet another appliance. Finding the space and power to accommodate these boxes is becoming increasingly expensive. In addition, there is the added complexity of integrating and deploying these appliances in a network. Further, hardware-based appliances rapidly reach end of life with lifecycles decreasing as innovation accelerates, reducing the return on investment of deploying new services.

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) aims to provide solutions for these issues. It accomplishes this by evolving standard IT virtualization technology onto industry standard high-volume servers, switches and storage. It involves implementing network functions in software that can run on a range of industry standard server hardware, and that can be moved to, or instantiated in, various network locations as required without having to install new equipment. This technology provides significant benefits for network operations groups and the users of these network services, such as:

  • Reduced operator CapEx and OpEx through reduced equipment costs and reduced power consumption
  • Reduced time-to-market to deploy new network services
  • Improved return on investment with newly launched services
  • Greater flexibility to scale up, scale down or evolve services
  • Openness to the virtual appliance market and pure software entrants
  • Opportunities to trial and deploy new innovative services at lower risk

SDN In The Data Center

In the data center environment, there are a number of issues that enterprise and telecom operators encounter regularly, such as:

  • Too many manual processes
  • Difficulties/delays associated with change and configuration management
  • Integration and cooperation between network operations and other IT domains
  • Inability to implement new technology due to insufficient maintenance windows
  • Difficulty and/or delays in provisioning new switches, routers, security devices, servers

The biggest benefits that come with moving to an SDN-centric approach are the decrease in operational network costs, a reduction in complexity of managing large data centers and networks, and assistance in reducing network downtime.

OpenFlow & Virtualization

Virtualization has largely transformed the data center by providing flexible, automated server provisioning. Often, networking and storage infrastructure bottleneck virtualization in computing due to their slower pace of development. Software-defined data center (SDDC) strategies could be key to moving this infrastructure to a more reliable state because it helps to bring every aspect of an IT environment up to speed with virtual computing, resulting with all infrastructure delivered as a service and automated by software.

The benefits of OpenFlow-based SDN for large-scale data centers are:

  • Multi-tenancy: efficient use of network resources
    • Better CapEx and OpEx savings
  • Self-provisioning: Support large and diverse customer base
  • Programmable Networks: Meet customer SLAs with confidence
  • Complete Network Control: Provide network services to meet application needs with faster service management times
  • Uniform Network Management: High network availability
  • Uniform Cloud API: Uninterrupted seamless service between private and public cloud

Datavision is capable of planning and executing an entire SDN deployment strategy from start to finish whether you need a simple cutover to major network migrations, conversions and implementations. We help you identify the goals, define the migration process, develop schedules and checklists, and manage the implementation. We utilize state-of-the-art tools to assist you in translating existing software configurations and routing policies all while educating your technical staff.

Ready to learn more about implementing a software-defined data center? Contact us to see how Datavision can help future-proof your data center.