Cable & Fiber Backhaul Staffing

Staffing For Major Infrastructure Installs And Upgrades

Datavision makes cable and fiber backhaul infrastructure services available through partnerships with communications technology providers to provide staff augmentation for major infrastructure installs and upgrades.

General Capabilities:

  • Fiber backhaul – trenching, splicing, interconnecting of electronics
  • Data network installation labor – Local 3
  • CATV broadband router installation – national reach

Inside Plant:

  • Racking, stacking and wiring of CATV broadband routers
  • DC power installation
  • Fixed price or hourly rates
  • Temporary, temporary-to-permanent and/or permanent technicians available
  • Non-union or union technicians, as required
  • Coverage in all 50 states and Puerto Rico

Outside Plant:

  • Fiber interconnections from cellular compounds to CATV backhaul
  • Trenching, splicing, interconnecting, electronics on the ground and on towers
  • Directional drilling, machine digging and hand digging as required
  • Full restoration of outside plant landscaping when work is finished
  • American Tower Certified
  • Can provide climbers when required

Case Studies:

Project Management, Implementation: CATV Fiber Backhaul
Partnering with ARRIS, and working on behalf of Comcast, the Datavision team managed a large-scale outside plant project where we interconnected cell carriers from the cellular site to the CATV fiber backhaul. Locations varied from intercity rooftops, where we often traversed multiple floors to make interconnections, to rural sites, where we trenched and/or directional drilled hundreds of feet to make the appropriate interconnection. Datavision technicians installed the necessary hardware inside the cell-site compound, trenching the fiber to interconnect from the RF location to the fiber line.

Implementation: ARRIS/ Major CATV Provider: Network Element Deployment
Datavision led the replacement of antiquated equipment in New York City — approximately 70 routers deployed in 10 hubs in three boroughs — with state-of-the-art ARRIS high-performance broadband routers. Since most of the locations were closed shops, we used data network installers with Local 3 Electrical Workers affiliation.

Datavision is currently leading the deployment of the latest broadband equipment for major CATV suppliers in the United States, including Hawaii. For these deployments Datavision supplies contractors to ARRIS for lead roles or work as installers on a time-and-materials basis.

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