Service Conductor™

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Automate The Delivery Of Your Network Services

Service providers and network operators are constantly working to reduce operational expenditures and shrink the time to revenue (TTR) in configuring and provisioning network services. With IT budgets remaining flat or being reduced, and competitive pressures driving the need for higher value-service delivery, it’s more important than ever to deliver more with less and do it with lightning speed.

Datavision’s Service Conductor™ helps automate the delivery of network services. No more taking weeks and months to launch complex network services or evaluating existing hardware and software to ensure everything “plays together.” No more feeling the pressure of business users anxious to get their service going. By giving network users the power to deliver a superior user experience, Datavision reduces the need for intensive manual interventions of network support resources.

Datavision’s Service Conductor™ family of solutions helps service providers to transform their back-office provisioning operations through the use of a model-based approach to element management and services orchestration.

Service Conductor™ provides multiple solutions for Network Operators and enterprise environments to enable Service Orchestration solutions in their networks. These end-to-end solutions make it easy to modify or expand a network while providing better scalability and bandwidth management. IT operations can browse the catalog and select the services they need to support the business, when the need them.



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