College-To-Hire Program (CTH)

Start Tapping Tomorrow’s IT Talent

Datavision currently has a client-customizable College-to-Hire Program (CTH) Program where we source, screen, train and onboard college graduates to help develop professional-level skills while providing customized classroom-based training.

Our program attracts the best students, ready to become the next generation of professionals possessing both the technical DNA and the interpersonal skills needed to be successful members of the world’s most demanding environments. Candidates selected for Datavision CTH Program go through comprehensive training that includes topics like client industry, client processes and workflow, as well as essential business communications.

Datavision’s College-to-Hire Program has a number of benefits:

  • Cost-effective analysis: Offshore rates for onshore talent
  • Contract-to-hire flexibility
  • Candidates who are a better fit for their positions, resulting in lower turnover and decreased training and hiring costs

Core Talent Acquisition Strategy

  • Source, screen, train and onboard college graduates
  • Develop professional-level skills
  • Content co-developed with client

Delivery Model Options

  • Time and materials
  • Managed teams with onsite program manager and cross-training
  • Contract-to-hire

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