SDN Realization Qualifications & Experience

SDN Expertise To Guide You Through Any Network Project

Datavision has extensive experience in the Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) arenas. Listed below is a sampling of our work and overall capabilities:

  • Designed, built and operated VMware-based cloud service for multiple Tier 1 customers.
  • Architectural and operational design for managing multi-tenant data center with virtualized applications and components from multiple vendors.
  • Disaster recovery, high availability and backup solutions for virtualized applications running in multiple data centers.
  • Automated processes for tenant creation and network configuration within data center.
  • Integrated data center with service provider MPLS network and other over-the-top technologies, such as LISP, DMVPN.
  • Use-case development and Proof-of-Concept implementation using multiple vendor and technologies.
  • Developed SDN/NFV use cases and concepts applicable to Tier 1 Provider environment.
  • Created presentations and whitepapers to increase knowledge about SDN/NFV.
  • Created SDN/NFV POC lab and validated SDN/NFV use cases and functions provided by multiple vendors and technologies including:
    • Cisco, Juniper, Open Source, VMware, Radware, Tail-f
    • OpenFlow, onePK, LISP, OTV BGP flowspec, OpenStack, Contrail, Yang
  • Integration and orchestration of several virtual functions using different SDN controllers and orchestration toolkits including:
    • Firewalls, security appliances, wireless controllers, routers, vIPS, VPN concentrators, identity engine, call control functions and others.
    • Created self-service ordering portal to allow dynamic instantiation and configuration of virtual functions.

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